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Renters-Insurance New Caney TXIs has become very common for landlords to require that tenants have a renters insurance policy in New Caney TX. That is because this type of policy provides the landlord additional protection if there is an accident or injury on the property.

It is very unfortunate when renters experience an unfortunate tragedy of a break-in or fire and they are without insurance protection. Don’t let that happen to you! Get your policy today. It’s fast, it’s easy and most importantly, its affordable!

Here are five reasons to consider Renters Insurance in New Caney TX:

  • 1) Renters face a number of risks for their personal property including fire, theft, vandalism, hurricanes, and more. A good renter’s package can provide protection for these risks. Think about what it would cost to replace your clothes, furniture, computer, stereo, and more if they were destroyed or stolen.
  • 2) Renters are also at risk for a lawsuit as the result of at fault injury to others. For example if another person has a slip and fall on your wet floor, a pet bites someone, etc.. A good renter’s policy will provide a level of protection for these risks.
  • 3) A renter’s policy is often very inexpensive. The cost may be as low as $10 per month. Many companies will give a discount for getting both a renters and auto policy that could make the cost free!
  • 4) It is quick and easy to get a renters policy.
  • 5) You may have better peace of mind with you property insured.

If you are interested in a renters insurance policy, a good place to start would be to call our office. We can help you get enough coverage and explain all the details.

How Can I Get Renters Insurance in New Caney TX?

Texas Flood Insurance RatesBaxter Insurance Agency, Inc. has been serving Texans with their insurance needs since 1989. As an independent insurance agency, we are not limited to just one insurance carrier that we place business through. We have multiple companies and will search our markets for the best rates for your Renters Insurance policy in New Caney TX that will satisfy your requirements for insurance. Customer service is the cornerstone of our agency. Call us for a quote! We are here to assist you with your insurance needs.

Call (281) 445-1381 today to get the best rate for your renters insurance policy in New Caney TX!

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