Is Your Home Cold Weather Ready?

Is your home cold weather ready?

Many areas of the US are being hit with severe winter weather and as you well know, ice, snow, and wind can have devastating consequences on homes and household budgets.

Fortunately, there are precautions that can be taken to avoid the expense and inconvenience of winter damage.

We would like to pass along some tips that you can share with your insureds to make sure that we’re all prepared when the cold, harsh weather hits.

Here are some immediate actions that everyone can take to minimize winter weather risks:

• Keep your home heated to a minimum of 65 degrees.
• Let hot and cold faucets drip to prevent freezing pipes.
• Insulate or cover pipes that are exposed to cold – check outdoors, crawl spaces, unheated rooms, garages and exterior walls
• Open cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen to allow the warmer room temperatures to reach them.
• Keep fireplaces, stoves and heaters in working order.
• Keep the fireplace flue closed when not in use.
• Keep sidewalks and home entry free from snow and ice.
• Watch for ice dams near gutter downspouts.
• Remove dead, damaged or dangerous branches to prevent them from falling under the weight of snow and ice.